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Executive Board of Trustees

  • Monsieur Elie Mundendi
    Monsieur Mundendi was a career math educator and a government executive branch agriculture official in the DR Congo, before he fled war violence with his family to the USA. He earned his math bachelor’s degree from National Pedagogic University of Kinshasa-Binza in the DRC. He also earned an undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Arlington, and pursues a graduate degree when his work schedule permits.
  • Richard Millsap (retired professor)
    Executive Director
    Professor Millsap was on the University of Texas faculty where he taught tens of thousands of students (including Congolese war refugees) the US Constitution, civil rights, civil liberties, human rights, and government organizations for decades. He was also staff for the U.S Congress and the White House, was a NASA manager, was a federal law enforcement officer investigating crime, and served as an infantry commander in the United States Marine Corps.
  • Dr. Gaston Makengo
    Professor Makengo was a career educator in the DR Congo. He earned his PhD in philosophy at Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels, Belgium, which educates about 27,000 students a year and is world ranked. He returned to teach at the National Pedagogic University of Kinshasa-Binza in the DRC, but fled war violence to the USA, and now resides the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.
  • Monsieur Hubert Mwandu
    Monsieur Mwandu is an engineer who also fled war violence to the USA and now resides in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. He is the past elected president of 19,000 member strong "Congolese Community of Dallas Fort Worth" non-profit.
  • Monsieur Paul Shonganie
    Monsieur Shonganie is an economist, who also earned an MBA and is in hospital administration where he resides in North Carolina.

Board of Advisors

  • Monsieur Michel Kambela
    Monsieur Kambela was a former DRC parliament finance committee staffer, who now resides in Tennessee.
  • Monsieur Jean Denis Kwaziamba
    Monsieur Kwaziamba is educated in law and fled DRC violence.
  • Monsieur Mbangu Mangala
    Monsieur Mangala was a career civil servant - public administrator in DRC and now lives in Boston.
  • Monsieur Berry Muekatone
    Monsieur Muekatone is a financial consultant, who now resides in France and is a well known leader in the European Congolese refuge community.
  • Madame Brigitte Lokolo Ngonongo
    Madame has a bachelor degree in international monetary policy and now lives in Arlington, Texas.
  • Madame Deborah KIESE Nsayi
    Madame Deborah KIESE Nsayi is a journalist who now resides in Texas.
  • Dr. Pierre B. Ozana
    Dr. Ozana is an educator and theologian. After receiving his college degree in education from the Republic of Congo. He served as a middle school assistant principal in Kinshasa. He fled violence back to the Republic of Congo, where he served as a business advisor to the President. He immigrated to the USA where he earned his bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees in theology and now lives in North Carolina. Dr. Ozana has many other accomplishments.
  • The Honorable Gauthier Sikisi
    Monsieur Sikisi is a former staff accountant for the DR Congo parliament and now resides in Michigan.
  • Madame Jeanne-Marie Sindani
    Madame Sindani is the chairwoman of Talent Plus Services in the Munich area of Germany. With university graduate credentials she has expertise in: business management, international relations, cooperation, management, language translation, regulatory issues, government liaison, diplomacy, international law, global security and human rights defense.
  • Mademoiselle Mpunga "Joy" Tshibangu
    Mademoiselle Tshibangu is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington. She earned two degrees at UT in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry with a minor in biology and political science. She is becoming a medical physician. She was a child in Kinshasa when the wars started. Her father worked for the USA embassy, and when no one intervened to stop the violence he moved his family to America because it was too dangerous.