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Orientation video about DR Congo problems

This film is titled “Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth” produced by “Friends of the Congo” in 2011 It is a short 26 minute video documentary version of a feature length film intended for the future. By interviewing many world experts, the film explores the role that the United States, Belgium, Europe, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, other African states, billionaires and multinational corporations seeking wealth - have all played a role in triggering the greatest humanitarian crisis on earth since World War Two, yet few in the world know anything about it. To update the facts of this film – the dead alone in Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi are more than one million more than all wars on earth added together since World War Two. It is horrific genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. It is the rape capitol of the world. Child soldiers. The greatest theft of the Congo’s resources since Belgium’s Leopold II slaughtered half the population to get it from 1885 to 1908. The Congo is occupied by Rwandans who control the destiny of 81 million Congolese. There is no freedom. There are no human rights in Congo where human lives are worth less than chickens. Enough. The film is a call to conscience and action. Friends of the Congo holds the rights to this film, and authorizes it to be freely distributed, duplicated and screened on the web, in public places, or at home.

Government information on DR Congo and travel warnings

CIA World Fact Book DR Congo
United Kingdom DR Congo travel warning advice/democratic-republic-of- the-congo
US State Department Bureau of African Affairs
US State Department
US State Department DR Congo travel warning of-the- congo-travel-warning.html


Several books one should read to understand both the history of the DR Congo, as well as current events.
1) Hochschild, Adam. King Leopold’s Ghost: A story of greed, terror, and heroism in Colonial Africa. New York: Mariner Books, 1999. See Ghost-Heroism-Colonial/dp/0618001905
2) Stearns, Jason. Dancing in the Glory of Monsters: The Collapse of the Congo and the Great War of Africa. New York: Public Affairs/Perseus Books, 2011. See Monsters-Collapse-Africa/dp/1610391071/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_14_img_2/146-7933378-4491020?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=3M5AWX68HPDX792GNRSX

News media stories about Congo current events

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Nonprofit information about current DR Congo problems

Amnesty International provides an excellent overview of problems in the Congo
Congo Planet in both French and English
Congo Vision
Donor Direct Action
Enough Project
Friends of the Congo
Human Rights Watch
International Rescue Committee
Peace Direct

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