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You can help Congo two ways. First, Congo Freedom Alliance (CFA) needs your financial support to accomplish our mission to help 81 million Congolese in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). They lack basic human rights and good governance for a civil society because of a tyrannical dictator regime.

Who are these wonderful Congolese we are trying to help? To get an idea, see this CBS This Morning interview of the late Bob Simon and Wynton Marsalis who discuss these impoverished Congolese who find a way to make music. After Bob Simon passed away, the following tribute was aired about him and Congolese. View “Remembering Bob Simon: Joy in the Congo” After so much oppression, Congolese just need a few breaks to make good things happen in their country.

CFA is a nongovernment “humanitarian social welfare nonprofit organization” operating as an international think tank. CFA is a 501 C 4 tax exempt nonprofit corporation approved by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

CFA is like a young Human Rights Watch (HRW) or an Amnesty International (both 501 C 3 “nonprofit charities”) because we are all devoted to advocating for human rights. As a 501 C4 nonprofit, we have legal capabilities they do not have, such as being able to lobby governments to adopt policies to help DRC change. CFA is different because we focus on human rights just for the DRC, rather than for the world, and we are unique by focusing on the fundamentals of good governance. Government must be the servant of the people, rather than the population’s oppressors. None of the essentials to civil society, including basic human rights, can be solved without first establishing a foundation of good governance. This is our specialty.

Thus, with this 501(c) (4) freedom, according to federal law, donation gifts to CFA are not tax deductible as IRS “charitable contributions.” To some donors this status makes no difference because they do not itemize deductions anyway. Also, businesses who make donations to a 501(c) (4) may be able to take a deduction as a business expense. Refer to your CPA.

The Second Way You Can Help

Urge your United States government to adopt policies to encourage human rights and good governance in the DRC. Write a well thought out letter appealing for help to bring good government to the DRC. You will find their mailing addresses on their websites.

Write your Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

Write your two Members of the U.S. Senate

Write the President of the United States

CFA Contact Information

Congo Freedom Alliance
PO Box 246
Euless, Texas 76039-3661