Congo Freedom Alliance (CFA) is a 501 C 4 tax exempt nonprofit corporation approved by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

CFA was founded jointly by University of Texas Congolese civilian war victim refugee government students and their political science department faculty sponsor. CFA is a nongovernment “humanitarian social welfare nonprofit organization” concerned about the wellbeing of 81 million Congolese in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It expanded into an international think tank, where diverse men and women volunteers in various countries with expertise study DRC problems and recommend solutions. Our mission focuses on human rights and good governance http://congofreedom.org/mission.html

CFA is like a young Human Rights Watch (HRW) or an Amnesty International (both 501 C 3 “nonprofit charities”) because we are all devoted to advocating for human rights. However, CFA is different because its focus on human rights is just for the DRC, whereas the other address human rights issues all over the world.

What also is different and unique about CFA is that we focus on fundamentals of good governance, and all issues that relate to them because these fundamentals are the foundation of any country, and without them, a country cannot have human rights and all else essential to civil society. This is our specialty.

As a 501 C4 nonprofit, CFA has advantages that a 501 C3 Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International nonprofits do not have. For example, CFA, as a 501 C4, has greater authorization as a tax exempt nonprofit to be involved in the political process to advocate for critical USA legislation/foreign policy changes with world organizations to advance human rights, democracy, freedoms, liberties, rule of law and good governance critical to the future wellbeing of the poverty stricken DRC. This political support is critical to solutions in Congo.

Thus, with this freedom, according to federal law, donation gifts to CFA are not tax deductible as “charitable contributions.” To some donors this status makes no difference because they do not itemize deductions anyway. Also, businesses who make donations to a 501(c) (4) may be able to take a deduction as a business expense. Refer to your CPA.

At CFA we fact-find, investigate abuses and crimes, interview witnesses, write reports, conduct interviews with the media to expose truth to educate the world to promote peace and good governance in the DRC. We pressure those with power to respect human rights. We defend human rights, justice and rule of law in the DRC. We advocate for and defend the rights of Congolese refugees worldwide, as well as Congolese still under oppressive dictatorial rule inside the DRC.

Civil war/violent conflict in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi started to spill over into then Zaire (now DRC) in 1994, accelerated to all out invasion by these foreign powers in 1996 and resulted in the overthrow of Zaire’s Mobutu in 1997 and name change to DRC. For more than a generation, foreigners have occupied the highest positions of power in the DRC, who care nothing about Congolese, and are responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide/ethnic extermination. The DRC is a foreign occupied/controlled dictatorship assisted by its foreign allies and bribed Congolese collaborators, like the Nazi Vichy French collaborators.

For more than a generation, the dead in Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC are more than all other conflicts on earth added together since WWII. Horrific. More than the Nazi Holocaust. At times, the violence is as bad as it gets on earth, then will smolder like a volcano on the verge of the next eruption, millions of women and children raped, state sponsored terrorism against its civilian population forcing millions of refugees to mass exodus from their homes elsewhere inside the DRC and to countries around the world, including the USA. From August 2016 to May 2017, Syria had only 824,000 refugees and Iraq had 659,000 refugees and the world views those are urgent crises, yet few know anything about the Congo that during the same period the DRC had 3.7 million internal displaced refugees and more refugees fled to other countries because they feared terrorism, rape and death. The DRC refugee crisis has been continual since the mid-1990s. It’s about kidnapping children, forcing them to be soldiers and commit crimes even against their own family members, fighting over blood mineral wealth, maximum corruption and bribery at all levels, poverty as bad as it gets, starvation, lack of all democratic freedoms and human rights, and corrupt sham elections.

Among 81 million people, unemployment numbers for adults is as low as 58% to as high as 73%. During the USA Great Depression crisis, unemployment was at a high of 24.75% in 1933, and government reacted with a massive government jobs program that put Americans back to work with the WPA and CCC programs, and they built American infrastructure. The same must be done in DRC, but the dictator government takes no action to do so.

Of great concern to CFA are the children. One million children under the age of five suffer from acute malnutrition and about six million children suffer from chronic malnutrition. Child mortality is among the highest in the world. The DRC was ranked last in the International Food Policy Research Institute Global Hunger Index. DR Congo ranks next to last (186 out of 187 countries measured) on the latest Human Development Index published by the United Nations Development Program. Save the Children NGO backs up those statistics with more: “The average Congolese girl stays in school only to age 9, and children’s parents who do find work (minority) earn an average of only $1 a day and thus are unable to care properly for their own children, and 145 of 1,000 children (about 15%) die before their 5th birthday.” It is the 5th highest in the world. 43% of the population is under 14 years of age and 21% of Congolese are aged 15 to 24. Thus, 64% are youngsters, tens of millions of older age children are unemployed and millions of orphans due to genocide, many homeless due to war living on the street with no social services, no education, no sanitation, no electricity, no safe drinking water, no health care, and maximum exposure to diseases. This is a ticking time bomb as 86% of this part of population is dependent on support it cannot get. If something is not done quickly to provide for the basic needs of this young population, as well as to educate them, they will not be able to support themselves and likely will be a catalyst for instability for generations in the future.

The DRC is the 11th largest country on earth, as big as Western Europe and almost as big as India. It is the 19th largest country by population with 81 million Congolese. It has over 1,100 of the most valuable natural resources on earth in demand by the world, wealth that equals the GDP of the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany combined. This is major motivation for the fighting – who controls the wealth, followed by ethnic violence. Congolese are the poorest on earth, next to Sudan and the Central African Republic. Great contrasts. External forces are destroying Congo to steal the nation’s wealth.

Among 193 United Nations member states, the DRC is rated in the bottom 19 cluster of the most corrupt nations on earth, it is rated among the bottom 8 most failed states on earth. DRC does not permit: good governance, free elections, rule of just law, basic human rights, free speech, free press, free peaceful assembly, or a free right to petition the government for redress of grievances without an expectation that the government will torture, imprison, or kill its’ opponents.

The evil committed in the DRC does not like being exposed. Thus, our mission is to shine a spot light on this nefarious activity to change the DRC for the better for all 81 million Congolese.