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A world-wide pro-democracy alliance - a "think tank" - sharing the dream of a free Congo and ideas to improve lives of all Congolese - especially for our children who are the future.  We seek to promote the ideas of true democracy, peace, truth,
justice, rule of law, freedom, liberty, equality, absence of corruption, development of a civil society, and government of all the people, by all the people and for all the people in the DRC.

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       A Congo Peace Plan
     Click on the above link to view this PDF. Get Adobe Reader if you do not have it to view PDF files http://get.adobe.com/reader

       Congo Freedom Alliance recommends the above 20 major specific reform objectives best able to bring peace and lasting democratic change to the DR Congo desired by Congolese.

       We seek to join together in a Diaspora-Opposition Peace convention to debate each objective of this plan and to adopt a resolution to solve each to guide the Democratic Republic of the Congo to a new path.

       This plan proposes supreme rule of  law as one of the 20 reforms because none of the plan will work without it.  This reform is summarized in the above peace plan and detailed in this PDF essay on justice and rule of law. Click on this link to learn "Why Congo peace conventions matter?" (link turned on soon).

     There is a stark difference between a dictator like Syria's Assad, common in history, who murders his people to keep power at all costs, and a great Mandela who leads allies and enemies to peaceful solutions. USA President Reagan once said: "just because I'm your friend 80 percent of the time does not mean I am your enemy 20 percent of the time."  It is time to heal what divides DRC factions.  Moderates must be encouraged while extremists are marginalized in order to solve basic problems that affect the majority of our population.  These Nobel Peace Prize speeches provide DRC hope, ideas, and inspiration as models to begin healing in the DRC.  Nelson Mandela, South Africa; Desmond Tutu, South Africa. F.W. de Klerk, South Africa; Wangari Maathai, Kenya Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma; 14th Dalai Lama, Tibet. President Obama, USA, White House text.


Congolese children
Half of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's (DRC) 70 million population are children under the age of 14, many homeless due to war and half have no access to any education. Millions are dead due to war related causes.  Those who survive are lucky to find one non-nutritious meal a day.  USAID reports that 148 of 1,000 DRC children will not reach age 5 and is 5th highest in the world.  This country's governments of the past and present were and are not competent enough to protect its people, nor can government even provide basic services like clean drinking water to 50 million (70 percent) for its citizens.  There is no need for children to die from contaminated water, treatable diseases, or war. Kabila has safe imported bottled water to drink.  1 in 10 infants die and 1.5 of 10 children will not reach age 5 unnecessarily. All that wealth. Where does it go?  Unless Congolese unite together to aggressively provide for these children now, as well as other critical needs of all Congolese, the DRC will be doomed to another generation of pain and troubles.
    Watch this Kony 2012 and this Part II Beyond Famous videos by Invisible Children, which is about mobilizing support to stop the mass murderer Joseph Kony in Uganda. This NGO caused President Obama to send U.S. military to central Africa. But understand, Kony spends little of his time in Uganda, and is operating with impunity in the eastern DRC, especially in and around Garamba National Park down to the Dungu River. Here for years Kony has been committing the same horrific mass murders and gang rapes, and kidnapping children to be trained as murderers and rapists, and to be his personal sex slaves. Then imagine that Kony is only one of many such rebel gangs who terrorize Congo villages. See Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group and Amnesty International.
     No child is born to hate or to be violent, but must be trained to do so, like a dog in the arena. They are being used to help criminal predators become wealthy from extraordinarily valuable minerals - like diamonds and gold. The children of the DRC need new role models, excellent education, positive after school activities to prepare them for excellent careers and to inherit leadership of a new country that is peaceful, prosperous, and guarantees human rights for all.  Below is a classroom of children in Equator, who only want a quality education to prepare for a successful future. (photo by Francis Hannaway).

     Enough of the world turning a blind eye to the misery of Congolese in the name of profit. Congolese want to know who, instead of fighting for wealth, will fight for the common poor people and for real human rights and lasting peace? Who has the courage to stand up against those responsible for a long list of crimes against Congolese and end their power over others? Who will be like the knights of King Arthur's Round Table fighting for right? Who will challenge the abusers of the powerless and defenseless?  Where is the outrage from world lea
ders? Starving Congolese have an uphill challenge to defend themselves only with sticks with no outside backing. Congolese are tired of talk. Congolese need action. Congolese need hope. Every day of delay produces more tragedies. Still, elites ask, why are Congolese so unhappy?
 Congolese have a right to demand peace, truth, justice, rule of law, freedom, liberty, and equality for all in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
     Edmund Burke said: "All the forces of darkness need to succeed is for the people to do nothing.” Or in French: Les forces des ténèbres ne peuvent tout réussir que face à l’inaction des hommes de bien.”







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